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Essential Dubai Price From: $577 AUD

Surrounded by desert, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that consolidates together to shape United Arab Emirates (UAE). This world class city is famed for its luxurious design, staggering horizons and plenty of visitor points of interest making it a perfect excursion spot for vacationers from all around the world.

Parading its sparkling Infrastructure in the midst of the broad sand hills, the city of Dubai is settled along a sandy coastline in the Arabian Gulf. The city clamors with blend of societies from all edges of the world sharing a circle of peace. When known to be fruitless land, today this man-made wonder has figured out how to stop people in their tracks more than ever. Aside from bragging its gleaming high rises (like the world famous Burj Khalifa), world class hotels, shopping centers and eateries, the city of Dubai will stun you with its delightful Emirati culture.

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